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I am Shalonda Thibeaux the CEO and Founder of Talks With Shay Life Coaching, LLC.  I received a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development.  I have several years of experience with working with children and families.  After making two attempts to forward my education as a grad student, and having God close the door both times, I just sat back on school.  Then in February of 2023 after the second person suggesting I should become a life coach, I decided to look into it.  After praying about it and God opening the door I began that journey.  So, in February 2023 I began the courses and on my birthday that same year I received my LLC.  The best birthday ever!! The following February (2024) I officially became a board certified Christian Life Coach.   In 2023 I also started hosting quarterly meetings for teen girls to help them build their confidence, understand their worth and empowering them.

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Mission Statement 

Talks With Shay Life Coaching, LLC is here to empower individuals to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. 

Contact Information

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and scheduling your appointments to get you to the next chapter of your life.  Talk to you soon! 


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